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PRAXXIS supports organizations achieve their goals. In order to do so, our mission is to work with leaders to ‘lead other leaders’. We work with executives who are interested in exploring who they must be as leaders to effectively engage their organizational stakeholders. There is a lot of literature on the subject of leadership which describes how best to lead followers. We believe that executives face a different & sophisticated challenge of needing to work with other leaders which presents a very different dynamic. The success for an executive to effectively lead their organization(s) truly depends on their capability to lead their leaders.


4 broad segments of Coaching

There are a variety of coaches to choose from and it is critical to choose the right one for your needs. Here are 4 broad segments I have seen which you might wish to be aware of.

Life Coaching
Coaches who support people to achieve goals in everyday life (i.e. fitness, personal finances, etc.)
Assessment Coaching
Organizations which have developed a sophisticated array of diagnostic tools quite frequently employ accredited specialists to help their clients unpack the results to help identify strengths and potential blind spots of the assessed.
Business Coaching
Coaches who provide tailored advice based on their subject matter expertise to support their clients to develop particular competence which are often absent in the skill set. This form of coaching is frequently applied within Talent Management programs and/or with leaders with specific competency gaps.
Executive Coaching
Coaches who support executives to achieve their organization’s goals by building necessary capabilities and strategic relationships to systemically achieve results. Executive Coaches support their clients to build a hypothesis between their desired organizational state and who they need to be as leaders.


日常生活における、各目標に対してそれを達成するためのサポートをするコーチング(例:フィットネス、個人財務管理 等)

MEET Adrian

Adrian G. Tsukamoto

Executive Coach

Adrian's areas of specialties are executive coaching & organizational change management for leaders who need to compete in an increasingly global working environment. Adrian has used his bi-cultural / bi-lingual background in a range of multinational organizations. He is an executive coach with several multinational organizations where he specializes in developing strategies to instill & realize behavioral change at an organizational & executive level. In addition, he has extensive experience working with executives working overseas who are faced with the challenge of finding an optimal leadership style which best leverages their local resources. Adrian has lead executive planning/problem resolution initiatives to help define organizational vision, corporate values, results & performance indicators so as to achieve mid to long term objectives. Most importantly, Adrian success lies in providing sustainable structure which helps facilitate commitment & alignment towards strategic objectives. Making certain that there is a methodological cycle to ensure that commitments are realistic, met & reviewed for knowledge transfer & confidence gain. Adrian’s personal & professional mission is to develop local leaders who can represent & articulate their perspectives globally.


日英バイリンガルのコンサルタントとして、グローバルな勤務環境で競争しなければならないリーダーに対しエグゼクティブ コーチングとチェンジ・マネジメントを提供。エグゼクティブに行動変容を浸透させ、組織の目的達成を実現するための戦略開発を中心としたコーチングを専門領域とする。





I always enjoy working with professional leaders. This probably goes both ways. A professional leader working closely with a professional executive coach is capable in creating some strategic synergies. Being coached gets you part of the way, knowing how to proactively leverage your executive coach can create some breakthrough results. I take time to support my clients in developing a higher degree of literacy in being able to leverage the coaching process to create partnership & synergy.

私は常にプロフェッショナルリーダーと共に働くことのできる環境に心から感謝をしています。クライアントも同様に、プロフェッショナル エグゼクティブ コーチである私と共に連携することで、彼らの組織をより戦略的に動かしていくための相乗効果を生みだしていけるのではないかという期待感を抱いてくださっていると思っています。エグゼクティブ コーチを積極的に活用いただくことで、画期的な成果を残されたクライアントもいらっしゃいます。パートナーシップを育みながら、みなさんのリーダーとしての次なるステップをサポートさせていただければ幸いです。

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