The pursuit in generating tangible results has driven the coaching industry to develop a robust number of frameworks, models and assessments. Many clients are now concerned with knowing how many sessions there might be? What diagnostic tools will be applied? Whether the sessions will be face to face or by phone? How long will the process last for? Will there be interviews? Etc. The simple answer is – “it depends...”.





We believe that every executive’s needs are unique in their own right. We therefore take an approach which does not assume that one size fits all. We would rather tailor the tools (i.e. assessments) and the process to the client’s business context and hypothesis of success.



Time Frame


PRAXXIS places great emphasis in supporting executives to deliver organizational results by accelerating organizational change through strategically leading other leaders. In doing so we have found a number of timeless principles which apply to successful engagements. The interest in achieving tangible organizational results through renewed executive leadership has typically taken 8-10months to realize. One on one coaching sessions are usually set at a pace of every 3 weeks.

PRAXXISは、組織の変化を加速させるために戦略的に「周囲のリーダーをリードすること」でエグゼクティブの目標達成をサポートしています。PRAXXISのその独自のアプローチ方法は、無駄な時間を費やすことなくクライアントを成功へ導きます。新任のエグゼクティブパーソンが組織へ何かしらの具体的な良い影響をもたらすには、一般的には8〜10か月はかかると言われています。PRAXXIS では1回のコーチングセッションは、通常3週間ごとのペースで設定しています。




As PRAXXIS’s primary mission is to support leaders lead leaders, many of the tried and tested approaches applied during the coaching process encourages the development and alignment of goals between key stakeholders through a combination of 1:1 Coaching, Team Executive Coaching, Short Looped 2 Step Coaching and fully tailored Leader Course Corrective Feedback tools. PRAXXIS would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss how it might support the success of your organization.

PRAXXISは、「周囲のリーダーをリードすること」に重点を置き、コーチングを実施しているため、基本は「1対1 コーチング」、「チームエグゼクティブコーチング」、「ショートループ2ステップコーチング」を軸に、一人一人のクライアントにカスタマイズされたフィードバックツール(アセスメント等)を活用して行います。